Ultra Stunt Danger Academy
USDA: Unsafe For Human Consumption
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Town Map

Update: We are on the Esplanade!

Location: 4:30 and Esplanade (corner nearest 5:00). (final placement is always subject to change!)

The space we have been allocated by BRC is "50' x 100' +", the "+" is because we have an unusual shape, due to the keyhole entry at 4:30. We have 50' of Esplanade frontage, but the back of our camp is probably about 80' or so. Our original map had us packed in (with less people) to a 50'x100' rectangle, this will give us about 25% more space, which will help. We still may need to park a few cars out depending on how much camp space people want.

I'm considering putting the public domes in front of the bus, I'd love town feedback on this.


Hastily drawn new layout
Old Layout (50x100 rectangle)
Black Rock City, showing USDA location
Closeup of 4:30 keyhole

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Ultra Stunt Danger Academy, 2006
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