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Town Map

It looks like our town has been moved up the keyhole a bit. Here are some layouts, old and new. The 2006 layout didn't happen at all because BRC decided to give us 1/5th of the square footage they had promised us. Ugh.

Sadly, this year, BRC put the robots on the calendar but then didn't put us on the Esplanade to run them, as had been explained in our app. So we might not be running the robots this year. Maybe next year they'll read the app more carefully.

Our shade structure is going to be constructed by modifying 3 carports to look something like this:

Click to view with keyhole placement

2007 Maps

2007 Layout
2007 Proposed Layout
2007 Location
2007 Location Closeup with GoMap info

2006 Maps

2006 Layout (didn't happen)
2006 Location
2006 Location Closeup

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