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2009 USDA / Big Red Bus Camp

We did not get theme camp status this year, as expected.

This year, the BRC 2009 Map unfortunately does not have any free camping spaces along A (Adapt) so USDA will probably be camping on Biology, hopefully close to a corner. So it goes.

Many of you have expressed camping with/near USDA. YOUR RESPONSE IS REQUIRED (down at the bottom). Here is how it works. We have three zones:

  • Dave's Bus
  • The tri-sectioned USDA shade structure ("The Spider")
    As seen in photos from last year
  • The USDA Annex, next to the tri-section next to The Spider

As you are probably aware, you are not staying in Dave's Bus. You are probably also not travelling in Dave's Bus, unless we have already talked about it.

The Spider is not a public space as it was in 2007, it is camping space like in 2008 and it is essentially claimed by the people who were going to be on my Robot Crew had we gotten Theme Camp status.

So chances are you are staying in the Annex! What does this mean? This means you are going to have a great time, because you are staying with the most awesome camp at Burning Man, but we have a few simple rules.

  • The Spider is not a public space or public kitchen.
    There will be a kitchen in the Spider, and it will be used by the people camping in Spider. Perhaps they will decide to let you use it, perhaps not, but do not expect to have a kitchen available to you! Bring a camping stove if you don't have access to one.
    Non-negotiable. This is one of the main tenents of Burning Man, and we follow it in USDA. The following are requirements:
    1. During the week: nothing in camp that can blow away.
    2. When leaving, two hour sweep on the open playa for MOOP (this is part of BRC requirements)
    3. After packing up, a walking/crawling sweep with a "fine tooth comb" of your impact area with expanded boundaries, repeated until nothing is found. This usually takes three sweeps at least, we're talking finding glitter and hairs. It doesn't take that long, but it must be done. We've managed to get green status on our camps the last two years, and it's going to happen again.
If you are staying in The Spider, then you must be there for setup (Sun/Mon) and teardown (Mon/Tues after). If this is a problem, let us know now.

Here is the crew list I know of, in group order, if you are not coming or know someone else I may be missing, let me know immediately.

Red rows are UNCONFIRMED. That means you aren't in the town yet, bucko!

Who Year Camp Size Transport Arrive Depart
David Madison / Mango Boy 9 Bus Bus Sun/Mon Tues
Mr. Peterson / Generator 4
Daniel Greenhouse / Disco Dan 5 Spider
(2 spots 8x20)
Bus Sun/Mon Tues
Victor Dods 1 Bus Sun/Mon Tues
Kyle Barbour 1 Spider Bus Sun/Mon Tues
Note: Kyle borrowing tent and bike
Note: Kyle might need a ride back Monday
Eric Carter 1 Spider Bus Sun/Mon Tues
Note: Eric borrowing bike (Kyle will fix)
Shannon Leonard 2 20x30'+3 cars Tacoma Mon ~4pm Mon morn?
Scott Dylewski 7
Jeff Gin 1 Truck? Mon ~4pm Mon morn?
Susan Bertuleit 1
Ruth Hoffman 1 Car ? ?
Dustin Selman 1
Jared Lux 2 Annex
(PVC dome?)
Car Sun midnight Mon morn
Jared's girl Katie 1
Jared's roommate Dan 1
Note: Jared's crew is possibly using PVC dome and parachutes
Evan Moses 1 Spider Jeff's Car Mon afternoon? Mon morn?
Dana Dye / Sunny D 4 12x12 + car ? Tues Mon a.m
Note: Dana needs a ride up (w/out gear) Mon pm/Tues am
Stu Glaser 1 Spider (10x12) Bus Sun/Mon Tues
Jennifer Davis 1 (elsewhere) Bus Sun/Mon Tues


There's a lot of question marks there. I need to know the following:

  • If you are coming or not (and with who)
  • Camp size (basic floorplan, like 10'x20' is fine)
  • Arrival/Departure
  • Optionally, knowing how you are getting there and how many years you have been and any playa name you have would be nice.

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