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Leave No Trace

Our LNT Plan

Previous Years:

  • 2010: Green! (5:01 between Esplanade + A) 2010 Moop Map
  • 2009: Green! (A+&3:31) 2009 Moop Map
  • 2008: Green! (A+&5:10) 2008 Moop Map as well! Well done!
  • 2007: Green! (4:30&Esplanade) Kudos to the cleanup crew who stuck around cleaning for over 6 hours on Monday! We were a green camp on the 2007 Moop Map, even though we were surrounded by yellow and red camps in our neighborhood. Considering the 'moop blow through' that is expected from nearby camps, this is a remarkable achievement! Well done!
Projects and costumes designed to:
  • Avoid small loose elements like confetti, feathers,
  • Avoid materials that shed or break into pieces.
  • Plan your construction so you avoid making waste on the playa, like cutouts from cardboard, glue drips, leftover wood, sawdust, loose staples or bent nails.
  • Where these materials are unavoidable, take steps to minimize impact, like strengthening fibers with glue, or laminating glass, or enclosing their use area so pieces can't escape.
Pack to reduce potential trash
  • Don't bring extra packaging, especially packing peanuts, plastic, and disposable materials like paper cups and napkins.
  • Avoid foods that create trash, like nuts in shells, fruit with cores, bony meats, etc.
  • Bring extra trash bags and plan on picking up more trash than you create.
  • Anything that might stray from your camp area, like cups and gear, should be marked with your name and "Lumerian Tribe" so it can be tracked back to you.
Event Construction
  • Be aware of any excess materials you may be creating - like board ends, splinters, bent nails, plastic remnants - and know how you are going to prevent them from hitting the ground before you start building.
  • Certain activities are inherently difficult to keep debris free, like sawing and stripping wires. As much as possible, do these over tarps or in enclosed areas where falling debris can be corralled.
  • Design your project so that it creates a minimum of holes in the playa, and of the smallest size possible. None of the Lumerian Tribe's projects should require any digging in the playa, only rebar stakes, which naturally should be removed by the people who put them in at the end of the event.
  • Food is on an individual basis, so each individual is responsible for cleaning up after themselves.
  • Fuel for generators and for fire projects will be stored on a tarp in a central fuel dump location to handle an unlikely spill.
  • Large vehicles will have oil-catching devices to avoid playa contamination
  • All tribe members will spend two or more hours post-event helping clean up BRC outside of the home camp..
  • Before leaving, our town grounds will be scoured for trash.
  • All trash found will be brought all the way home.

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