Fuzzy Ogre Chariot

The Fuzzy Ogre Chariot is an electric-vehicle three-wheeled base used to carry one or two people, meant to accompany my ogreish appearance.

The base is configurable to a number of different styles which are poorly represented by crude, infantile like drawings here:

Base Configuration

War Chariot

Folding Camp Chair

Vagina Chair

The base configuration is just the flat base, three wheels, electric motors, braking and steering.

The War Chariot is driven standing up, with a chariot frontage and various war accoutrements, such as streamers and the rotting skulls of all that oppose me.

The Folding Camp Chair is decorated courtesy Target, with those ubiquitous folding chairs and their accompanying drink holders that can be found all throughout BRC.

The Vagina Chair is a fluffy, large vagina which can encompass/be sat in by one or two people for those calmer days.

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