Rock'Em Sock'Em Robots

New for 2007: The robots are getting a much-needed face-lift!

You're walking along the Playa thinking about your childhood and how simple it was to be amused. Suddenly, as a mirage, two robots loom before you. It's Rock'Em Sock'Em Robots, from your youth, but this time they're big enough to knock *your* block off. You climb into the boxing ring and climb into the Blue Bomber, and suddenly you've become an 8 foot tall robot fighting machine. Your trusty companion grabs hold of the steering controls outside the ring, while your two combatants gear up in the Red Rocker. The hot arena lights pound down on you while the crowd cheers you on. You hear the bell ring, and the fight is on!

What, Where, When calendar entries: Wed-Fri: Dark:30 (8:30pm) - ~10:00pm Sat/Sun: 3am-4am

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