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The Random Hug Patrol is a random hugging group that creates mass group hug experiences at Burning Man (and soon in the Bay Area). It is now a part of Ultra Stunt Danger Academy, a group of friends who create a number of 'projects' at the event. The Random Hug Patrol started at Burning Man 2004, here is Haley's description of the event:

The best way to describe this project is to go back to its roots. Two years ago I was wondering around with Marianna and our friendly neighbor on what must have been the coldest night of that burn. We wandered into a sparsely populated keyhole full of innocent people who knew nothing of what was about to descend upon them! I asked Marianna how many people she thought we could all hug in the area in the next 5 minutes and in moments we were literally running towards a group of people waving our arms in the air. They were confused. But then they were hugged! We announced ourselves as the random hug patrol and after hugging and cuddling and brief sharing of closeness we moved onto the next people we saw. This went on for a few hours, through the coldest part of the night, until we made it back to our camp. We hugged all the way home. The Random Random Patrol is a group of different "Random ___ Patrol" activities:

This is the warm-fuzzy side of the Arbitrary Regulation Brigade.

Evidently we have some like-minded friends in the real world with The Free Hugs campaign which had some interesting responses in China.

Reflection on this night revealed a world of possibilities that have been lumped under the title "Random Random Patrol." This is a semi-impromptu group of people who feel the need to interfere with the lives of other people and make it seem official. It could by loving, funny, satirical, or just completely random.

One mission that Haley will be organizing is a random group hug. For this we will need to set up a perimeter with cones (designated group hug zone), a countdown clock of sorts, a megaphone to announce the presence of the hug and the time remaining until the group hug takes place, and critical mass!

Designated costume needs to be decided - though it will probably be based on the Arbitrary Regulation Brigade.


Patches?	Haley
Megaphone (also needed for Arbitrary Regulation Brigade)
Clock ("T minus 60 seconds and counting")

Viral hugs?

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